Decadent Times' talent agency imagines and delivers the rarest and most wonderful performers who deliver experiences that dazzle your guests and keep them talking about your parties. You can hire from our personally selected range of characters and musicians.  We have StrongMen and Women, Compères, DJs, Bands, Circus and Dance Acts - from Burlesque to Broadway.

Our spirit of collaboration is something special; it’s about the quality of the particular person, not simply their extraordinary skills, but their own ethos, professionalism and their sense of commitment to their own work. We are proud to work with a global client list and our talent includes many award winners in their specialist fields.

Working with both established and emerging acts, our credentials include programming for Glastonbury Festival, public and private events across the UK and Europe.  

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Hire talented performers from a range of themes, characters, musical skills and feats of physical strength. If you want your event to be the talk of the town, just leave it to us.

We've got the right people for the right event...

  • Compères

  • DJs & Bands

  • Dancers

  • Burlesque

  • Circus Stage Acts

  • Circus Walkabout

  • Spectacular Shows

  • Flamboyant Artists

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We are Oxford’s only centrally based supplier of silent disco headphones and equipment. Although we’re local, we operate right across the UK and Europe and can cater for any event large or small. Our clients include Glastonbury Festival, many private parties, public engagement initiatives, college balls, departments and museums across the University of Oxford.

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1920s Decadence, 21st Century Delivery
Authentic Props in a Unique Atmosphere
Modern Technology Meets Vintage Style

Capture the moments, the costumes and the atmosphere in our genuine 1920s ambiance. The oldest camera in history, the wooden obscura, was also known as the field camera. We have the genuine article but inside we have installed a modern camera, which takes the most awesome photos.

Connected to our field camera is the 1949 His Masters Voice Table Television, simply touch the screen for the countdown to begin and bam! Your photo is ready for you to view and share by email or social media.


Let their imagination run wild in front of the vintage TV with a fun array of props and backdrops, turning themselves into superheroes, pop stars, pirates or pirate princesses.

Its so simple and intuitive to use that the kids run the booth themselves. Simply touch the screen for the countdown to begin, strike a pose and bam! your photo or gif is ready for you to view.

Our kids photo booth can be set up anywhere, including you home. So what are you waiting for? Treat the kids to an amazing experience they will never forget.

Tailored options to suit you, we'll hand you a USB stick with all the photos, enable or disable sharing on the day by email or text. 

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Capturing in a fraction of a second, the essence of your event, those magical connections and feelings that keep your guests coming back for more.

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Our photographers find your best angle, capture your personality, and create impactful profiles. Find out how good you can look!

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